Albany has a rich collection of historic buildings.  Historic Albany Foundation is proud to celebrate its heritage through our Historic Building Plaque program.  Share the history of your home or building by purchasing a custom-made plaque.  Your home or building need not be an officially designated landmark or within an historic district to participate in the historic building plaque program.

Our plaques are requested for buildings in the city of Albany that retain their original character, are in a good state of preservation, and contribute to the historical or architectural nature of their neighborhood.  Eligibility will be based on the Secretary of the Interior's standards for rehabilitation.  After careful research, the date of construction, first owner, architect, and/or other pertinent information concerning the origin of the building are obtained and included with the 7" x 10" cast aluminum or bronze plaque.  Each plaque is custom-made for each order.

The cost of each plaque is $300 (includes one year membership) or $275 for current Foundation members. The price covers the cost of historic research, casting and shipping and handling.  Historic Albany Foundation will process the application and contact the applicant when the plaque is ready. 

For more information about the program, please contact Cara at 518-465-0876 x12 or Please allow approximately 9-12 months to receive your custom-made plaque. Plaques must be approved by homeowner prior to casting. *

Plaque Map


For over 40 years, Historic Albany has issued hundreds of plaques.  Check out the google map showing the plaques we have counted so far!  Use your mouse to navigate through the map of Albany.

Plaque Examples