The Warehouse Needs a New Roof!


Since the mid 1990s, the Parts Warehouse has been operating out of the c. 1930s building and former car dealership at 89 Lexington Avenue. Over the decades, we've have had our fair share of salvage and loyal customers coming and going through our front doors, and boy, do we love everything we get!

During one of your recent visits, you may have noticed some water issues lately.... This is due to our roof failing. It has reached a point where simply throwing on another patch is not going to cut it, it needs to be replaced. 

In 2016 we applied for and received a  $49,000, dollar-for-dollar, matching grant from the New York State Council of the Arts to help us finance our new roof. Now we need to ask you, our loyal customers, supporters, volunteers, and visitors, to consider helping us raise our goal. In addition to monetary contributions, we will be hosting supplemental events at the warehouse geared towards crafting, history, and home maintenance! Please stayed tuned for more details and dates regarding these events. 

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Rai$e the Roof!