Parts Warehouse Memories!

Mike Mirsky

I remember volunteering at the South. Pearl Parts Warehouse back in the early 80's.
As I recall, I spent many Sat. mornings, with Don Killoran and Peter Leue.
At the current warehouse I recall working most notably with Mack Mowbray.
I believe I volunteered until the late 1990's.
These "Tours of Duty" were both rewarding and memorable.
I look back on them fondly.
I will be there to celebrate the 40th.


Hallie Goodman

Fellow old house freaks, HAF is a very worthy organization. 
They lobby to save & when they can’t, they try to negotiate salvage rights.
Their warehouse is full of reasonably priced treasures & funds go to a great cause.
Consider signing up for a crew. 
Below are images from the salvage of the homes being demolished for the Albany Medical Center expansion.

Parts Warehouse 40th Anniversary Party
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