Listen Albany: Hiking Capitol Hill

Episode 2 of Listen Albany, Hiking Capitol Hill launches Wednesday, September 20th at 5:30 pm.  The tour begins at the intersection of Washington Avenue and Hawk Street at the entrance to Lafayette Park. Enjoy the tour and then join its creators for a nip at Wellington's within the Renaissance Marriott after you have completed your tour.

Happy Hiking!

Listen Albany: Pearl Street Stroll

Listen Albany: the Capital City's Cultural Heritage Podcast, is a series of podcasts that offer just a glimpse into Albany's long, rich history. Albany, the oldest city in the United States operating under its original charter (1686), has known many famous faces over its centuries-long life, Its world-class architecture and stunning streetscapes have provided the perfect backdrop for these famous faces. Through this podcast, you will learn about the people and places that make Albany's heritage unique. Some podcasts will be walking tours, allowing you to listen to Albany stories as you walk around one of its neighborhoods. Other podcasts will be live-event recordings featuring historians and other prominent Albany figures discussing the city's cultural heritage. Happy listening!