General Technical Assistance
Historic Albany’s technical staff can help guide historic property owners in what to do to maintain, restore, and rehabilitate historic properties, identify period appropriate colors, make recommendations and answer questions on materials, etc.  Historic Albany connects property owners with the information they need to know about owning a historic property: when projects need review by the Historic Resources Commission, where to find what they need, and how to navigate the Certificate of Appropriateness process. 

Historic Albany technical staff is happy to sit down with property owners and discuss your project as well as perform site visits and offer technical advice on best practices for preserving historic buildings.  Please contact Historic Albany staff to set up an appointment to discuss your project. 

Finding Funding
Historic Albany’s technical staff can help identify potential funding resources for your historic building project and can assist homeowners in determining eligibility and applying for the New York State Tax Credits. 

Preservation-Friendly Craftsmen
When investing in your historic building, whether it is simply rehanging sash or restoring a vacant shell to its former glory, you want someone experienced who understands how historic buildings work in order to do the job right.  Historic Albany maintains a list of craftsmen who do preservation-friendly work and have the skill sets needed to take good care of your building. 

Technical Workshops and Lectures
For those interested DIYers or those who want to better understand what their contractors are doing, Historic Albany Foundation holds lectures and workshops, from hands-on window repair to informative sessions on architectural styles and old house ailments. Check our calendar of events for our most up to date schedule.

Historic Research
Historic Albany does research historic properties as a part of our plaque program.  We also can provide information to property owners on where to go and what resources are available for DIY researchers.  Please see our plaque page for more information.

To set up an appointment or to speak with Historic Albany’s technical staff, call 518-465-0876.   

Technical Staff

Cara Macri | Director of Preservation Services
518-465-0876 x12,