Donate to Historic Albany Foundation's Annual Fund
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It’s safe to say that we’ve both been bitten by the historic preservation bug. And if you’re reading this, we’ll bet you have been, too. As two longtime supporters of Albany’s fabulous historic architecture and culture, we appeal to you to join us this year in supporting Historic Albany Foundation.

Our passion for preservation runs deep, since Nancy peddled her bike past the first historic home she itched to restore at 12 years old, and Peter began his architectural reproduction woodworking business in 1981. Since then, we have worn nearly every hat you can at HAF and are proud to be members, volunteers, salvage commandos, a founding member, a past board member and officer, and a past Parts Warehouse Manager.

Though we enjoy participating in HAF’s stellar events and programs, Peter is an annual BUILT artist and we’ve been known to host a Moveable Feast meal or two, it is Historic Albany Foundation’s staunch mission of advocacy that really speaks to our hearts. The organization’s tireless work to reduce, and ultimately eliminate, emergency demolition is a priority. They also continually seek out-of-the-box solutions to facilitate mothballing and stabilization, which is the hope for the future of Albany’s over 1,000 vacant homes. This mission is something we both believe in strongly. Sadly, Albany’s most historic neighborhoods are disappearing one building at a time, and once they’re gone, we can never get them back.

Entering into its 45th year, Historic Albany Foundation has recommitted to its mission and grown even stronger and more dedicated than ever to preserving and protecting buildings with architectural, historic or civic value, by providing a wide array of advocacy, education, and technical services. It’s tough and time-consuming, and many times thankless work. As you can see from the tremendous accomplishments listed on the back of this letter, Historic Albany Foundation continues to make a lasting difference in Albany’s built environment, but they can’t do it alone.

Won’t you please join us in supporting Historic Albany Foundation by giving as generously as you can. Every donation truly does make a difference in daily operations to continue this critical mission.

Thank you for your continued support.


Nancy Burton & Peter Leue